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Hello and Welcome To Mayden’s World, the Imperfectly Perfect Mum!

A world of sarcastic light-hearted humor, raw feelings, and uncontrollable emotions projected through the honest stories taken from the pages of my life, as a first-time mother and well-being lifestyle (realistic everyday health) enthusiast, who has set herself on a journey of self-rediscovery, battling internal fears and doubts which love to challenge my inner self . I want to share my journey with you, and learn together how to remain yourself and stay true to who you are, unafraid to be seen as anything rather than perfect in our own imperfect ways, when juggling life as a mother but most importantly as a human given the ‘photoshopped’ expectations of the world.

You don’t have to be Perfect to be Amazing, above all, we were born to be Real, not Perfect!

My journey here will tell you about some healthy discoveries I’ve made so far. Things that helped me to get a better and healthier way about mental, physical and emotional challenges. Read more healthy discoveries

I have been through ups and downs in my quest to self-love and self-acceptance, often battling my inner perfectionist and my biggest and worst critic. Read more the Imperfect me

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