About Me

cropped-pexels-photo-279415.jpegHi I’m Mayden and I Welcome you to the pages of my life as a new mum…

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always tried to make everything around me perfect; make everyone happy and worked very hard to make sure that I have always brought value to everyone around me.  That’s pretty much how I have become the perfectionist though all my teen and adult years.

Becoming a mother for the first time has brought some wonderful changes to my life, but even more so it changed the way I got used to seeing things; helping me to understand that what once seemed important was completely insignificant for the new person I began to become, as I embarked on a journey of self re-discovery through the experience of motherhood.

Today, I am a mother to the most wonderful little boy and a wife to the most wonderful man, but I am also someone who continues to care about others, hoping to still bring value and make a positive difference. Based on my experience as a first time mum, I have discovered through my own experience that it is so easy to lose faith in yourself when you are doing everything you can to be the best possible mum.

The desire to sustain perfection is something that I have always kept close to my heart, quickly allowing it to take over my life and dictate the way I would look at things, especially my life. Only when I had become a mother, had I discovered that perfection can be completely imperfect, yet still be an unconditional source of happiness. I didn’t have anyone to tell me this, but to be honest even if someone did I would not have listened, simply because I didn’t want to listen.

I was left to battle with myself , and as many of you would agree, fighting your own self is one of the hardest battles we have to face in life.

Through some hard experiences and moments of utter despair, I have won a number of battles and have found a very new me, who I am very proud of today ! However, the war has not been won yet!

I wanted to share my stories in the most honest and transparent way, without meaning to impose on anyone’s views or experience. I hope that my stories could bring something positive to my readers and we can be imperfectly perfect together.

Thank you!


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