New Mother. Today I am a sofa…


Becoming a parent means to set yourself on a path of continuous growth and development. You change and go through milestones of your own just as your baby goes through theirs.

Motherhood has brought out some of the most remarkable talents I didn’t know I had in me!

I have discovered that I can be so many things that I had never considered of being before, and I couldn’t be any prouder of my secret talents!

When I was little I dreamed of being a ‘Star’. According to my mother, I wanted to be a star so that I could shine brightly. Isn’t it sweet when we as children dream of who or what we’d like to be when we grow up?

Me today couldn’t be further away from being a star! I am not a star, I am sofa…

I am the most comfortable and cosy sofa! A recliner at times! I know exactly when to stretch out my limbs and become the best recliner for my little jewel to rest on. I am the best sofa to sleep on, rest on, watch their favourite kids show or play hide and seek. I am the best sofa to roll on and my baby will never end up falling to the floor. I am the best sofa as I manage to take any shape to make sure my little bear is comfortable. I am the best sofa as I am always warm, cuddly and come with an unlimited supply of blankets.


I am not an ordinary sofa, I am a transformer to be precise!

In between my sofa duties I can become a fridge!

I am the best food supply for my little boy. I set the food and drinks temperature always right.

In addition, I am also a toolbox as I fix everything possible; I can fit the floor tile with a nail and a hole puncher…please don’t ask me how…

I am a medical box, plus mum’s kisses are the best remedy…And I am an endless supply of plasters.

I am a toy box, I can be a toy of any kind and I am a music box…

I have never had a voice for singing, and to say that I have a bad voice would be an understatement! I sound worse than a squeaky old floor … my whole life I did pretty well hiding this horrible truth from those around me, humming quietly somewhere in the corner to the songs I liked. Having a baby has ruined my disguise and I had to come clean, not just in front of my loved ones but in front of complete strangers; because as far as my baby is concerned I am the best singer and only my voice and my lullabies work the magic when he needs comforting. He wants to hear me sing and dance and clap along with him regardless of where we are. And I tell you what, I do it!

And I feel no shame!!!

My baby gave me the confidence to disregard people’s opinions and the surroundings and if he is in a mood for a good sing and dance I will do it with him even if we are in the middle of a frozen meat aisle of a supermarket or in a waiting room to see an ophthalmologist. My baby made me the ‘best’ singer on the planet and I’m proud of it!

My duties and abilities don’t end here…

Every day I am a new appliance,

tool or thing! I am food, I am a gadget, I am a plant, I am furniture…

I am a very talented and multi-functioning transformer as I am nothing less but a Mummy! And today I am the best sofa! And if my baby is happy and sees me as everything he could want and appreciates everything that I can be then I couldn’t be happier!

So to all mummies, daddies, aunts, uncles, grandparents…to everyone who tries to be everything that our children need and can take, pride, strength, and joy in doing so let’s be the best we can for our little ones together!




5 thoughts on “New Mother. Today I am a sofa…

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    1. Dear Anna,

      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! There’s no way to go through this whole motherhood experience without a humour!
      Hope you’ll enjoy my upcoming stories!

      Best wishes


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